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REQUESTS FOR STATEMENT OF INTEREST: Archaeological Site Management Plan and Treatment of Eroding Archaeological Sites, Pecos NHP, San Miguel County, New Mexico.

Responses to this Request for Statements of Interest will be used to identify potential investigators for a project to be funded by the National Park Service (NPS) which provides professional and technical support for its Cultural Resources Program in order to facilitate successful implementation of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (S110), as amended (16 USC 470). Approximately $160,000 over two years is expected to be available to support this project.

Pecos National Historical Park consists of three detached units and totals almost 7000 acres.
The park has been 100% surveyed and protects almost 800 archaeological sites spanning 12,000 years of human history. The park is named after Pecos Pueblo, which was one of the first Ancestral Pueblo sites to be systematically excavated in the 1920s. This work was completed by one of the founders of American archaeology, Alfred V. Kidder. The park protects a diverse array of archaeological sites including large and small pueblos (50-1000 rooms), agricultural field houses/features, sacred sites, trails/roads, Pueblo and Archaic artifact scatters, and Plains tipi rings. Some sites have standing architecture but most are rubble mounds, surficial, or sub-surface in nature.
The purpose of the project is create a plan or guide that will guide future research and management of archaeological sites by analyzing existing archaeological information; identifying gaps in knowledge; developing research questions or domains for future research or investigations needed to address questions; assisting with development of monitoring and condition assessment protocols for backcountry archaeological sites; and drafting treatment plans for threatened or damaged archaeological sites. Phase II of the project may include data recovery at threatened archaeological sites, but will not be funded until FY22.


Deadline for replies: April 12th, 2021
Please provide the following via e-mail attachment to:
Maximum length: 2 pages, single-spaced 12 pt. font).
1. Name, Organization, Cage Code, Duns Number, Contact Information, Email address, CESU affiliation.
2. Brief Statement of Qualifications (including):
a. Biographical Sketch,
b. Relevant past projects and clients with brief descriptions of these projects,
c. Staff, faculty or students available to work on this project and their areas of expertise,
d. Any brief description of capabilities to successfully complete the project you may wish to add (e.g. equipment, laboratory facilities, etc.).

Please send responses or direct questions to:
Jeremy Moss
Chief of Resource Stewardship and Science/Archaeologist


REQUESTS FOR STATEMENT OF INTEREST: Historic Context Study on Violence Against People of African Descent, 1500-2020

The overarching goal of this study is to educate the public and historic preservation professionals about the history of racially motivated violence, its pervasiveness, responses to that violence, and how evidence of it has been overlooked in the American landscape. We seek the completion of a multi-chapter monograph, including all research, writing, photograph selection, and layout and design, that defines and contextualizes the history of race-based violence and responses to it. The study should further identify resources and sites associated with this history. The historic context study will have three components; 1) racism and the use of violence against people of African descent; 2) responses to this targeted violence; and 3) types of resources associated with both and examples of existing resources that may possess historical significance.

Objectives and Outcomes: How will this research be applied? The research and analysis provided in the historic context study will inform historians, preservation practitioners, and the public about the pervasiveness of violence against people of African descent throughout U.S. history and demonstrate that physical evidence of it remains. Information provided by this context may inform the development of an NHL theme study on this topic. More immediately, the study will assist public historians and preservationists in the identification and evaluation of historic resources that have been overlooked. Evaluation of these resources should result in more properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places and designated as National Historic Landmarks.

Request for Proposals / Statements of Interest: The candidate selected will be required to prepare a Statement of Work regarding the approach and research to be conducted. Status updates will be required each year of the agreement to demonstrate progress toward meeting project goals and objectives.

Period of Performance. The period of performance for this Cooperative Agreement will be determined when the final proposal selected. It is expected to extend 24 months.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Sought

  • Ph.D. in one of the following or a related field: African American Studies; U.S. History; American Studies; Public History
  • Knowledge of U.S. history, particularly African American history
  • Possess an understanding of the dynamics of racism in the U.S. and its territories from the colonial period to the present
  • Knowledge of historic preservation practices and evaluation criteria used by the National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks program 
  • Strong oral and written communications skills.

Materials Requested for Statement of Interest/Qualifications:
(Maximum length: 6 pages, single-spaced 12 pt. font)
Please provide the following via e-mail attachment to:

Rachel Franklin-Weekley
Manager, Historic Preservation Program
National Park Service
Omaha, Nebraska

  1. Name, affiliation and contact information
  2. Brief Statement of Qualifications including: a) Biographical Sketch; b) Relevant past projects and clients with brief descriptions of these projects - demonstrated results including published works; c) Staff, faculty or students available to work on this project and their areas of expertise.
  3. Project proposal that summarizes strategy, approach, and special capabilities, timelines, roles and responsibilities of personnel, specific tasks to be conducted, and deliverables. Please be as specific as possible.
  4. Cost estimate of the proposed work to include a breakdown of all labor, materials and travel (see attached budget worksheet).

Funding: We intend to use fiscal year 2021 funds for this project, possibly up to $180,000. A detailed study proposal and cost estimate is requested at this time. Project award will be subject to the availability of funds.

Review of Statements Received: Proposals will be evaluated based on the factors listed below and include the credentials of personnel, approach, and reasonableness of cost. Based on review of the Statements of Interest received, a principal investigator will be invited to prepare a full application including the required federal forms (SF424 series). Proposals will be reviewed by selected members of the NPS working group, the Lead Grants Management Specialist with the NPS Midwest Federal Financial Assistance program, and the NPS Great Lakes-Northern Forest CESU Coordinator.

Timeline for Review of Statements of Interest: Review of Statements of Interest will begin April 15, 2021.


Funding Opportunity: Matthew Hansen Endowment

This Endowment grants awards to students and independent scholars for projects that explore Montana’s land and people through historical research, wilderness studies, and creative writing-whose work promotes the protection, enhancement, & understanding of wilderness values or the wilderness resource in Montana.
Funding is competitive. Awards range from $500-$2,500.
Submit by April 9, 2021

For more information about this endowment or to submit an application