National Park Service Completed Projects

Antioch University, New England

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward Amount
J979108J048ANE-NPS-01Human and Environmental Dynamics at Cape Krusenstern, AlaskaJim Jordan06/01/200809/30/2011$24,984 FY08

Cornell University

TA NumberCA# FBMSGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J2340080021CU-NPS-01Human Dimensions of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza: Understanding Perceptions of Risk and Identifying Implications for Developing Effective Communication MessagesDaniel J. Decker07/15/200812/31/2012$270,000 (FY08 $246,000; FY10 $24,000)Report (.pdf)
J2340080030CU-NPS-02Understanding the Human Dimensions of Human-Wildlife Habituation: Developing Knowledge for Interventions to Foster Positive Interactions Between People and WildlifeDaniel J. Decker07/15/200812/31/2010$117,725 (fy09: $24,725; fy08: $93,000)
J2340090043CU-NPS-03Development of a Conceptual Model to Guide Scientific, Management, and Policy Review of Contentious Natural Resource IssuesDaniel J. Decker08/01/200906/30/2011 $24,000  FY09
J54300K0055CU-NPS-04Acoustic Monitoring Project for Congaree National ParkRon Rohrbaugh01/01/201012/31/2010  $32,738 FY09
P11ATP11AC60999CU-NPS-06Underwater Noise Analysis and Acoustic Habitat Metrics for Glacier Bay Marine MammalsChristopher W. Clark07/01/201109/30/2013$89,709 

Great Lakes Commission

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward Amount
GLC-NPS-01Water Resource Management Plan for Isle Royale National ParkThomas Crane04/01/200203/31/2006$50,000 (FY 02: $25,000; FY 03: $25,000)

Indiana University

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
IU-NPS-01Statue of Liberty National Monument Historic Resource StudyJohn Bodnar; Barbara Truesdell09/01/200312/31/2005$57,709Report (pdf)
J1940030524IU-NPS-02Goose Pond and Bee Hunter Wetlands History ProjectJohn Bodnar; Barbara Truesdell09/01/200308/31/2004$22,346
IU-NPS-03Study the Effects of Atmospheric Pollutants on Invasibility of Panne Vegetation by Invasive PlantsCatherine Souch04/30/200412/31/2007 $15,000Report (.pdf)
J6068060042IU-NPS-04Historic Synthesis/Context Study for Cultural Resources at Isle Royale National ParkPhilip Scarpino08/28/200609/30/2009$36,983 (FY06: $32,751; FY08: $4,232)
IU-NPS-05Native American Graves Protection and Reputation Act (NAGPRA) Collections Research and Consultation Bighorn Canyon National Recreation AreaLaura Scheiber05/01/200709/30/2010$19,000
J6300109001IU-NPS-06Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions for Indiana Dunes National LakeshoreThomas P. Simon04/14/201012/31/2012$129,456; $7,418
J6300100405IU-NPS-07Evaluation of Reference Conditions for Nearshore Sand Habitats of Southern Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes National LakeshoreThomas P. Simon; Joseph Shaw05/01/201009/30/2011 $85,000Report (.pdf)
Report (.pdf)
J6300100818IU-NPS-08Evaluate Major Ditches of Wetland Restoration Work Units, Pepoon, Kurz, and Peattie, for Fish, Crayfish, and AmphibiansBurnell Fischer; Thomas Simon06/15/201009/30/2011$9,960Report (.pdf)
P11AC601047IU-NPS-09Researching National Park Service Partnership Training NeedsStephen A. Wolter201212/31/2012$50,000

Michigan State University

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
MSU-NPS-01Development of the Great Lakes Natural Resource GatewayJon Bartholic, J.D. Snyder, Jeremiah Asher, Yi Shi08/15/200309/30/2006$188,123 (fy03: $178,000; fy05: $10,123)
MSU-NPS-02Estimating Economic Impacts of Heritage AreasDaniel J. Stynes08/15/200305/31/2004$18,000Report (.doc)
MSU-NPS-03Social Science Research Review: Economic Significance of National Parks and Other Public LandsDaniel J. Stynes08/15/200302/15/2004$7,000
J2303060025MSU-NPS-04Money Generation Model 2 (MGM2) Revisions and ReportingDaniel Stynes04/30/200412/31/2011   
$191,000 (FY04-$45,000; FY05-$30,000; FY06-$30,000; FY07-$35,000; FY08-$35,000; FY09-$16,000)
MSU-NPS-05Contingency Planning for Invasive Species and Diseases in the National Park SystemShawn Riley06/15/200509/30/2006$47,000Report (.pdf)
MSU-NPS-06Assessment of Water Resources and Watershed Conditions In and Adjacent to Indiana Dunes National LakeshoreKendra Spence Cheruvelil07/01/200505/18/2008$72,655
MSU-NPS-07Developing a Systems Thinking-Based Training Method for Management of Wildlife DiseasesShawn Riley06/01/200612/31/2007$54,000

Michigan Technological University

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
MTU-NPS-01GIS Project Support for Isle Royale National Park (ISRO) and Keweenaw National Historic Park (KEWE)Mike Hyslop09/01/200312/31/2007$40,000
MTU-NPS-02Isle Royale National Park Institute AgreementAnn Mayo12/15/200312/31/2008$133,398 (FY03: $34,500; FY04: $3,898; FY05: $20,000; FY06: $25,000; FY07 $25,000; FY08: $25,000)
J6310110025MTU-NPS-03Wolf and Moose Long-term Monitoring on Isle Royal National ParkJon Vucetich01/01/2004; 201112/31/2010; 2016$309,644 (FY03: $27,000; FY04: $9,644; FY05: $26,600; FY06: $36,600 FY07: $36,600; FY08: $36,600; FY09: $86,600; FY09: $50,000); 2011-2015: FY11: $36,000

Wolves & Moose of Isle Royale
Annual Reports
- 2003-04
- 2004-05
- 2005-06
- 2006-07

MTU-NPS-04Mapping the Coal Creek Historic District, Yukon—Charley Rivers National Preserve, AKPatrick Martin04/01/200410/31/2005 $38,327
MTU-NPS-05Determination of Genetic Diversity and Restoration Potential of the Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia purpurea) in the Lake Superior WatershedMargaret Gale08/15/200412/31/2006$15,015Report (.pdf)
News Brief (.doc)
Semi-Annual Report 2004 (.pdf)
MTU-NPS-06Determination of Eligibility to the National Register of Historic Place of the Old and New Dormitories Within the Mission 66 Headquarters Development on Mott Island and Isle Royale National ParkAllison Hoagland09/30/200409/30/2005 $20,000Report (.pdf)
MTU-NPS-07A Predictive Model for Exotic Plant Species for the Great Lakes Network of the US National Park ServiceAndrew Storer08/31/200404/30/2009$45,000Report (.pdf)
MTU-NPS-08Development of a Long-Range Education Plan for Keweenaw National Historical ParkAllison Hoagland09/30/200412/31/2004$3,000Report (.pdf)
MTU-NPS-09Isle Royale Electronic Research LibraryAnn Mayo Kiely08/01/200612/30/2008 
MTU-NPS-10Protocol Narrative and Standard Operating Procedures for Monitoring Moose within National Parks in Southwest AlaskaTom Drummer06/01/200608/01/2007$21,185
J8336060074MTU-NPS-11Assessing the Keys Ranch Historic DistrictPatrick Martin08/01/200605/01/2007$35,252Report (.pdf)
J6480070586MTU-NPS-12Analyze Water Isotopes to Determine Impacts of Burning in Mesic Bur Oak ForestRodney Chimner06/21/200704/01/2010$20,059 (FY08: $3,000; FY07: $17,059)
J5460070154MTU-NPS-13Determine the Impacts of Aluminum Toxicity and Calcium Loss on Threatened High-Elevation Spruce-FirChristopher Webster07/01/200712/31/2009$81,426 (FY08: $27,142; FY07: $54,284)
J6067080012MTU-NPS-15Determine Invasion Status and Ecological Impacts of an Exotic Zooplankter in Great Lakes ParksW. Charles Kerfoot06/01/200805/31/2011$154,630 (FY08-$79,606; FY09-$75,024)
J631008I020MTU-NPS-16Isle Royale Institute Parks As Classrooms Project: Join the PackAnn Mayo Kiely07/01/200805/30/2009$10,951 (FY08)Isle Royale Institute
J6320080002MTU-NPS-17Multicriteria Risk Models and Management Studies for Invasive Plants at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore: Development, Validation and ImplementationAndrew J. Storer; Linda M. Nagel06/23/200806/30/201170,498 (FY08: $30,499; FY09: $39,999)
J631008A028MTU-NPS-18Supporting Emergency Treatment of Ballast Water to Prevent the Spread of VHSAnn Mayo Kiely; Margaret Gale06/06/200809/30/2008$25,000 FY08Report (.pdf)
J6320096201MTU-NPS-20Assess Vernal Pools of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore by Determining Distribution, Abundance, and Ecological SignificanceRodney Chimner04/10/200909/30/2011$17,360 FY09

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J2105050019MNDNR-NPS-01Scanning, Georeferencing, and Mapping the 1927 Photography Set for Voyageurs National ParkBob Tomlinson; Bill Befort06/01/200505/31/2007$24,205Report (.pdf)
J2105060032MNDNR-NPS-02Minnesota Land Cover Classification System Update for MISS and Lower SACNRobert Maki; Bart Richardson07/01/200601/31/2009$11,750

Northern Michigan University

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward Amount
NMU-NPS-01Develop Geoarchaeological Inventory of Specific Lakeshore Landforms—Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreJohn Anderton07/01/200606/30/2008$134,436 (FY06: $94,436; FY07:$40,000)
J6320080003NMU-NPS-02Examine Resident and Coaster Brook Trout Response to Exotic Salmonid Removal in Sevenmile Creek and Conduct Stream Creel Survey at Pictured Rocks National LakeshoreJill B. K. Leonard05/12/200812/31/2010$256,093 (FY08-$122,093; FY09-$134,000)
J6068090021NMU-NPS-04Tracing the Trail: The Pictured Rocks Segment of the Anishnaabeg Migration RouteKristen Carroll06/01/200909/30/2011$66,717 FY09

Purdue University

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward Amount
J2148110004PU-NPS-01Invasives Species Early Detection FlyerKatherine M. Howe03/28/201109/30/2012$7,006 FY11

Science Museum of Minnesota

TA NumberCA# FBMSGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
SMM-NPS-01Biomonitoring Prospects for Diatoms and Paleolimnology in the Western Great Lakes National ParksMark Edlund; Daniel Engstrom09/01/200404/30/2010$362,743 (FY04: $133,538; FY05: $72,409; FY06$71,882; FY07: $74,039; FY10: $10,875)
SMM-NPS-02Demonstration of a Method to Restore Prairie on Sites with High Susceptibility to Spotted KnapweedShawn Schottler09/15/200412/31/2007$42,605.50
SMM-NPS-03Monitoring Water Quality Using Diatoms in Surficial Lake SedimentsDaniel Engstrom09/01/200509/30/2007$20,000
SMM-NPS-04Monitoring Water Quality in Wadeable Streams of National Park Units of the Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring NetworkDaniel Engstrom09/01/200503/31/2010$20,056
SMM-NPS-05Establishing Sites for Monitoring Water Quality on Large RiversDaniel Engstrom09/01/200512/31/2007$16,952Report (.pdf)
SMM-NPS-06Analysis of Water Quality Trends and Current Conditions in Mississippi National River and Recreation AreaDaniel Engstrom06/01/200606/30/2010$4,675
J6590100031SMM-NPS-11Implement the Science Training and Research Skills Program (STARS), 2010Sharon Mallman04/15/201012/31/2010$14,000Report (.pdf)
P11AC60811SMM-NPS-13Implement the Science Training and Research Skills Program (STARS), 2011Sharon Mallman07/01/201110/31/2011$13,310Report (.pdf)
J6067100010P10AC00284SMM-NPS-16The History, Mechanism, and Drivers of Botulism Outbreaks Near Sleeping Bear Dunes National LakeshoreMark Edlund05/01/201109/30/2011$164,000
J6067100008P10AC00287SMM-NPS-18Mapping and Biological Studies of Shoreline Rock Pools in Three Lake Superior National ParksMark Edlund04/01/201009/30/2011; 12/31/2012$99,609

State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
SUNY-NPS-01A Summary of Existing Monitoring Programs Relevant to Parks Within the Northeast Temperate NetworkJames Gibbs; Kris Whiteleather04/01/200305/01/2004$19,400Report (.pdf)
J4525037069SUNY-NPS-02Development of Terrestrial and Related Monitoring Protocols for High Priority Northeast Temperate Network (NETN) Vital Signs: Phase I, II, IIIJames Gibbs07/01/200312/31/2007$291,671 (FY03: $103,515; FY04: $104,427; FY05: $83,729)Report (.pdf)
SUNY-NPS-03Developing an Ecological Monitoring Program for the Appalachian National Scenic TrailJames Gibbs02/15/200412/31/2007$78,928.40 (FY03: $62,595; FY04: $16,333.40)Report (.pdf)
SUNY-NPS-04Workshop to Develop Long-Term Monitoring Protocols for Forest Ecosystems at Acadia National ParkJames Gibbs04/30/200406/01/2006$25,000
J2105050027SUNY-NPS-05Indiana Dunes White-Tailed Deer Spotlight Survey AnalysisWilliam Porter09/01/200505/31/2008$21,448 (FY05: $18,731; FY07: $2,717)
SUNY-NPS-06Prepare a Cultural Landscape Report for Poplar Grove National Cemetery, Petersburg National BattlefieldGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200507/31/2008$65,000
SUNY-NPS-07Cultural Landscape Report for Battery Weed, Gateway National Recreation AreaGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200512/31/2009$60,000Report (.pdf)
J1851060016; J1851070011; J1851050008SUNY-NPS-08Provide Ongoing Technical Assistance for Cultural Landscapes in National ParksGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200509/30/2005$122,626 (FY05: $25,000; FY06: $55,626; FY07: $42,000)Report 2008 (.pdf)
Report 2009 (.pdf)
J1851050009; J851060013SUNY-NPS-09Advise for the Development of the General Management Plan for Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic SitesGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200501/31/2009$10,200 (FY05: $4,500 FY:06 $5,700)
J1851050010SUNY-NPS-10Amended National Register Documentation for the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic SiteGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200505/31/2009$35,770
J1851050015SUNY-NPS-11Support Preparation of Cultural Landscape Inventories in Northeast Region/Cultural Landscape Inventory for the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National ParkGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200507/31/2008$58,000Appalachian Trail: South District (.pdf)
Appalachian Trail: North District (.pdf)
J4506060613SUNY-NPS-12Monitoring Ecological Integrity of the Forest Ecosystems: Evaluation and Implementation of the NETN Forest Condition ProtocolJames Gibbs09/1/200612/31/2009$149,578 (FY06: $86,791; FY07: $53,038 and $9,749)Report (.pdf)
J1795060500SUNY-NPS-13Develop a Viewshed Management Plan for the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic SitesChristopher A. Nowak; John Auwaeter09/30/200612/31/2009$40,000Report (.doc)
J1851060014SUNY-NPS-14Prepare a Cultural Landscape Report for Ellwood Manor, Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania National Military Park George Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200607/31/2008$40,000
SUNY-NPS-15Complete Hedge Management Plan for Saint-Gaudens National Historic SiteGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200612/31/07$20,000Report (.pdf)
J4506060645SUNY-NPS-16Monitoring Ecological Integrity of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail: Forest Health and Phenology Vital SignsJames Gibbs09/01/200609/30/2010$163,542 (fy06-$64,109; fy08-$49,940; fy09-$49,493)
SUNY-NPS-17Conduct Inventory of Historic Tree PlantationsChristopher Nowak09/30/200712/31/2009$20,000
J1851070008SUNY-NPS-18Cultural Landscape Report for the Nelson House Gardens, Colonial National Historical ParkGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200705/31/2010$50,000Report
J1851070009SUNY-NPS-19Cultural Landscape Report for Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Part II: TreatmentGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200705/31/2010$40,000
J1851070010SUNY-NPS-20Cultural Landscape Report for the Roger Williams National MemorialGeorge Curry; John Auwaerter09/30/200707/31/2009$30,000

Stephen F. Austin State University

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward Amount
SFA-NPS-01Borders, Frontiers & Trade Routes: Linking Visitors to Bent's Old Fort NHS through Interpretive Wayside DesignTheresa G. Coble; Scott Runnels07/15/200610/31/2009$21,600

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J4506040615UMASS-NPS-01A Website and Data Server for the National Park Service Northeast Temperate Network Inventory and MonitoringCharles Schweik04/30/200409/30/2006$24,332Northeast Temperate Network
J6590060035UMASS-NPS-02Oxygen Depletion as a Symptom of Eutrophication in Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway: A Historical Investigation Using Sediment Chironomid AssemblagesDonna Francis05/01/200612/31/2008$22,157Report (.pdf)

University of Minnesota (GLNF-CESU Host)

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
UMN-NPS-01Inventory of the Distribution and Abundance of Invasive Non-Indigenous Plants and Rare Plants at Two Riverine National Parks in the Great Lakes NetworkEdward J. Cushing05/21/200308/30/2005$94,610 (FY03: $40,611; FY04: $53,999)Report (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-02Controls on the Rate and Volume of Sediment Movement Through and Out of Impoundments During Dam RemovalOmid Mohseni07/01/200309/30/2004$26,000 (FY03: $16,000; FY04: $10,000)
UMN-NPS-03Developing a System for Monitoring Land Use and Land Cover Change In and Around National Parks of the Great Lakes RegionPaul V. Bolstad08/25/200304/30/2009 $83,158 (FY03: $44,958; FY07:$38,200)
J6067030021UMN-NPS-04Identify Research, Technical Assistance, and Education Needs in National Parks in the Great Lakes Northern Forest Biogeographic RegionDorothy Anderson09/01/200312/31/2009$76,000 (FY03 $17,000; FY04 $15,000; FY05 $13,000; FY06 $10,000; FY07 $11,000; FY08 $10,000)
UMN-NPS-05Classify Critical Aquatic Habitat for the St. Croix National Scenic RiverwayJames Perry08/22/0312/31/06$90,400 (FY03: $45,200; FY04: $45,200)Report (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-06Gastropod Survey of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway (SACN)Ellen Strong06/01/200405/31/2005$7,232Poster (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-07Benthic Invertebrate Identification for Lake Levels Project at Voyageurs National ParkLeonard Ferrington07/01/200406/30/2007$36,432 (FY04: $9,108; FY05: $18,216; FY06: $9,108)Project Report (.pdf)
J606704003UMN-NPS-08Conference, Workshop, and Meeting Support for Research, Technical Assistance, and Education Information Sharing Between Natural Resource Managers and GLNF CESU PartnersDorothy Anderson09/01/200412/31/2008 $16,000 (FY04: $10,000; FY05 $6,000)Conf. Proc. 2005 (.pdf)
Conf. Proc. 2006 (.pdf)
Conf. Proc. 2008 (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-09Community-Agency Trust Relationships: Comparison Within and Across Selected NPS UnitsDorothy Anderson03/15/200412/31/2006$15,500 (FY04: $11,500; FY04: $4,000)
UMN-NPS-10Archive Ecological Data and Vegetation Images from Long-term Studies at Isle RoyalePeter Jordan08/31/200409/30/2009$64,204
UMN-NPS-11Updating Freshwater Mussel Collection, Literature, and Databases for Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network Park UnitsAndrew Simons09/01/200405/31/2007$19,318Report (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-12Survey Bark Beetles at Grand Portage National MonumentDaniel W. Gilmore; Steve Seybold04/18/200507/01/2006$15,158
J9836060003UMN-NPS-13A Predictive Study of Use Impacts on the Denali Park RoadMax Donath08/01/200512/01/2008 $308,180 (FY05: $20,000; FY06: $133,291; FY07: $128,240; FY08: $26,649)Report (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-14Aerial Monitoring of Radiotagged Northern Yellowstone Elk CalvesL. David Mech08/01/200507/31/2007$20,000Report (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-15Apostle Islands Historic Land CoverPaul Bolstad09/01/200509/30/2007$21,800
UMN-NPS-16Development of a Restoration Prioritization Tool for Invaded Habitats in National ParksSusan Galatawitsch08/15/200405/31/2008$81,972Report (.pdf)
J628606E029UMN-NPS-17Mississippi National River and Recreation Area Video Project—Phases I & IIBarbara A. Coffin09/15/200509/30/2008$115,850 (FY05: $75,000; FY06: $40,850)Minnesota: A History of the Land
UMN-NPS-18Community-Agency Trust Relationships: Voyageurs National ParkDorothy Anderson08/29/200509/30/07$35,000Report (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-19Identify and Map Scenic St. Croix Valley ResourcesDavid Pitt09/01/200406/30/2006$8,700Report (.pdf)
UMN-NPS-20Evaluating the Habitat and Water Quality of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway Using a Chironomidae Community SurveyLeonard Ferrington06/15/200709/30/2008 $16,430
J1434080026UMN-NPS-22Development of Stream Survey Methodology for Estimating Harlequin Duck Abundance and Distribution in Glacier National Park, MontanaJason E. Bruggeman05/12/200803/31/2009$60,000 FY08Report (.pdf)
J9320085006UMN-NPS-24Analyze Lake Sediment Cores from Crater Lake to Assess Deepwater Moss Growth and Climate ChangeAmy Myrbo09/15/200809/30/2010 $10,434 FY08

University of Minnesota, Duluth

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
UMD-NPS-01Total and Methyl Mercury Analysis of Crayfish at Voyageurs National ParkJohn Sorensen09/25/200205/31/2003$15,000Report (.pdf)
UMD-NPS-02Assessment and Development of Water Quality Monitoring Protocols for Park Units in the National Parks Service Great Lakes NetworkRichard Axler; George Host; Paul Meysemborg09/01/200309/30/2005$46,650
UMD-NPS-03Analysis of Landbird Monitoring Data for National Parks in the Great Lakes NetworkJoAnn Hanowski04/30/200411/30/2004$8,280
UMD-NPS-04Sampling Design and Protocol Development for the Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring NetworkGeorge Host07/01/200412/30/2009$193,895 (FY04: $177,895; FY05: $16,000)Monitoring website
UMD-NPS-05Development of Monitoring Protocols to Assess Impacts of European Earthworm InvasionsGeorge Host09/30/200312/31/2004$64,597Report (.pdf)
UMD-NPS-06Development of Landbird Monitoring Protocols for the Great Lakes Network ParksNick Danz07/15/200512/31/2008$22,999Landbird Monitoring
UMD-NPS-07Building Outreach Capacity for the Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring NetworkMarle Zhuikov09/30/200509/30/2007$15,000
UMD-NPS-08Pilot Fieldwork (2006) for Monitoring Amphibians in National Parks of the Great Lakes NetworkGeorge Host04/03/200603/31/2007$23,540Report (.pdf)
UMD-NPS-092006 Analysis Fund Project: A Comparison of Recent and Historic Landscape Changes by Beaver Activity in Voyageurs National Park, 1927-2003George Host; Paul Meysemborg06/22/200607/31/2009$28,154 (FY06: $20,772; FY07: $7,382)
J6820071003UMD-NPS-10Improve Limited Knowledge of Ecology and Population Status of Threatened Canada Lynx in Voyageurs National ParkRon Moen03/19/200704/30/2009$56,811 (FY07: $39,891; FY08: $16,920)Report (.pdf)
J6150070011UMD-NPS-11Vegetation Characterization and Conifer Regeneration Strategies for the Grand Portage National Monument (GRPO)George Host06/01/200709/30/2010$35,646 (FY07: $30,194; FY08 $5,452)

University of Notre Dame

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J659008R020ND-NPS-01Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway Understanding Fish Habitat History in the Namekagon River—Cold Water ZoneGary A. Lamberti06/01/200805/01/2009$15,000 (FY09: $5,000; FY08: $10,000)Report (.pdf)

University of Toledo

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward Amount
J23400040044UT-NPS-01Research Expertise Catalog of Biological ProgramsJiquan Chen06/15/200406/15/2004$30,000 (FY04 $20,000; FY05 $10,000)
J2360064112UT-NPS-02Digital Geomorphic and Hydrogeomorphic Maps of Assateague National Seashore, Maryland and VirginiaDavid Krantz08/15/200606/30/2009$78,329

University of Vermont

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J1700040903UVM-NPS-01Research to Support Application of the Visitor Experience Resource Protection (VERP) Framework at Acadia National ParkRobert Manning05/01/200412/31/2009$168,821
J1818040017UVM-NPS-02Develop Archaeology Overview and Assessment for Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical ParkJohn Crock09/1/200412/30/2005$25,000Report (.pdf)
J88204114J88204114UVM-NPS-03Assessment and Determination of Transportation-Related Aspects of Carrying Capacity for Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National ParkRobert Manning09/15/200409/30/2005$31,725Report (.pdf)
J9836050062; J9836060002UVM-NPS-04A Predictive Study of Use Impacts on the Denali Park Road: Support Analysis and Management of Carrying CapacityRobert Manning08/01/200512/31/2010$139,118 (FY05: $20,000; FY07: $62,250; FY08: $56,868)Report (.pdf)
J9840060150UVM-NPS-06Thermokarst Distribution and Characterization in the National Park Service Arctic Network (ARCN)Breck Bowden05/22/200612/31/2009$222,990 (FY06: $54,640 & $12,338; FY07: $145,084; FY08: $10,928)
J9840050110 & J9840060153UVM-NPS-07Aquatic Biodiversity, Community Composition, and Ecosystem Processes in Gates of the Arctic Park and Preserve and the Noatak National PreserveBreck Bowden05/22/200512/31/2009$395,983 (FY05: $254,339; FY07: $141,644)
J4506060615UVM-NPS-08Evaluation and Implementation of the Northeast Temperate Network Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring ProtocolBreck Bowden05/08/200612/31/2011$273,268 (FY06 $34,592; FY07 $59,209 & $62,295; FY08 $61,330; FY09 $55,842)

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J2350053156UWLX-NPS-01Inferring Critical Nitrogen Deposition Loads to Alpine Lakes of Western National Parks and Diatom Fossil RecordsJasmine Saros9/30/2005009/30/2008$10,088Report (.pdf)
Annual Report 2006 (.doc)
J6067050012UWLX-NPS-02Characterization of Mercury Contamination of Aquatic Food Webs in Lagoons in the Apostle Islands National LakeshoreJames G. Wiener09/30/200509/30/2007$40,000Report (.pdf)
J6150060004UWLX-NPS-03Inventory Prehistoric Archeological ResourcesRobert Boszhardt08/01/200608/01/2008$28,964Report (.pdf)
Poster (.pdf)

University of Wisconsin, Madison

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J6370030956UWM-NPS-01Inventory of Forest Structure and Diversity at Effigy Mounds National Monument Within the Heartland Network Inventory and Monitoring ProgramEvelyn Howell09/01/200306/30/2005$29,978.58
J2105040049UWM-NPS-02State of Knowledge and Future Monitoring of White-Tailed Deer Browsing Impacts in the Great Lakes NetworkDonald Waller08/30/200403/31/2009$45,479Report (.pdf)
J2340040061UWM-NPS-03Wildlife Habituation: An Annotated Bibliography and Workshop/SymposiumScott Lutz09/01/200408/30/2006$60,000 (FY05: $3,000; FY04: $3,000)Bibliography (.pdf)
Proceedings (.pdf)
UWM-NPS-04Determine Paleo-Fire Regime as a Basis for Native Plant Community RestorationSara Hotchkiss09/01/200406/30/2007$12,680 (FY04: $8,280; FY05: $4,400)Report (.pdf)
Report (.pdf)
Report (.pdf)
J2105050030UWM-NPS-051983-2005 Lichen Elemental Studies in the National Park Service Great Lakes NetworkLewis Gilbert; James Bennett09/01/200503/31/2007$17,273 (FY05: $11,398; FY06: $5,875)Report (.pdf)
J1580070050UWM-NPS-06Reciprocal Interactions Between Bark Beetles and Wildfire in Subalpine Forests: Landscape Patterns and the Risk of High-severity FireHotchkiss; Townsend01/01/200712/31/2009$209,443
J1434090026UWM-NPS-07Monitoring of American PikasLucas Moyer-Horner; Warren Porter06/01/200909/30/2010 $19,994 FY09
J6067090008UWM-NPS-08Locate and Identify Native, Exotic, and Hybrid Cattail Populations in Cuyahoga National Park, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and Sleeping Bear Dunes National LakeshoreJoy B. Zedler06/01/200912/31/2011 FY09: $14,710Report (.pdf)
Article (.pdf)
J6150090004UWM-NPS-09Restoring Ethnobotanically Significant Species at Grand Portage National MonumentJoy B. Zedler06/01/200905/31/2012FY09: $14,250Report (.pdf)
Appendix (.pdf)

University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
UWSP-NPS-01Assessment of Water Resources and Watershed Conditions In and Adjacent to Pictured Rocks and Apostle Islands National LakeshoresGeorge Kraft06/01/200510/01/2006$80,000
UWSP-NPS-02Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions for Sleeping Bear Dunes National LakeshoreCliff McCreedy; Kristen Ketels04/01/200705/31/2009$80,000Report (.pdf)
J2380085505UWSP-NPS-03Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions for Isle Royale National ParkGeorge Kraft08/01/200805/31/2010$97,000 (FY08 $90,000; FY09 $7,000)

West Virginia University

TA NumberGLNFCESU NumberProject TitlePrincipal InvestigatorBeginning DateEnding DateAward AmountProducts
J4780030206WVU-NPS-01Scan, Georeference, and Mosaic Historic Aerial Photography for the New River Gorge National RiverTrevor M. Harris07/15/200306/30/2005$9,988.56
J4160030402; J4160070401WVU-NPS-02Control and Evaluation of Morrow's Honeysuckle to Promote Woodcock and Other Wildlife on the Fort Necessity National BattlefieldJames T. Anderson08/01/200312/31/2010$146,821 (FY03: $106,821; FY07: $20,000; FY08: $20,000)Report (.pdf)
Report (.pdf)
Report (.pdf)
WVU-NPS-03Administrative History: New River Gorge National RiverGregory A. Good08/15/200301/31/2008$44,520
J4780030214WVU-NPS-04NRAC 300: Development of Fire History Spatial Data Layers for the NRGNRCharles B. Yuill10/01/200309/30/2005$26,298
J4506050720WVU-NPS-05Evaluating Vital Signs for Monitoring Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Eastern Rivers and Mountains NetworkRay R. Hicks Jr.03/01/200504/01/2007$28,115Report (.pdf)
J4780050401WVU-NPS-06Establishing a Historic Benchmark for Rimrock Pine Communities at the New River Gorge National River, West VirginiaRay Hicks06/01/200504/01/2007$16,500Report (.pdf)
Report (.pdf)
J4250063005WVU-NPS-07Combining a Pairwise Comparison Approach and Statistical Analysis to Aid Land Conservation in the Northern Neck, VirginiaMike Strager02/01/200612/31/2006$4,663Report (.pdf)
J4506060771WVU-NPS-08Investigations of Riverscour Communities in the New River Gorge National River: Establishing Baselines for MonitoringRay R. Hicks Jr.08/15/200603/31/2007$11,409
J3100070057WVU-NPS-09Increasing Walking at the C&O Canal National Historical Park: An Intervention Focused on Local EmployeesDavid Smaldone; Linda Cooper; Jingxin Wang04/30/200705/31/2009$32,741
J4780070500WVU-NPS-10Long-Term Hemlock Ecosystem Monitoring at New River Gorge National River and Gauley River National Recreation AreaPetra Bohall Wood05/01/200712/31/2008$19,975Report (.pdf)
J3850090080WVU-NPS-12Understanding Karst Geology Found in Three NCR Parks: Developing a GIS Database and Assessment of Available Hydrogeologic DataDorothy Vesper07/1/200912/31/2010$19,993 FY09Report (.pdf)