General Information

The GLNF-CESU is a network of faculty and staff from 33 leading academic institutions, specialists from 10 conservation organizations, and resource managers from 9 federal agencies. All units transcend political and institutional boundaries and strive to improve the scientific base for managing public lands by providing resource managers with highquality scientific research, technical assistance, and education. The GLNF-CESU seeks to resolve resource problems at multiple scales using interdisciplinary ecosystem studies involving the biological, physical, social, and cultural sciences.

Below is a link to the national CESU Network, a consortium of fourtheen CESUs across the country. The national network is managed by a national CESU office, committee and regional offices for each federal agency across the country.

Each CESU is hosted by a host university. The GLNF CESU has been hosted by the University of Minnesota Department of Forest Resources since 2002. Find out more about the host university here.

Each CESU provides a master agreement to serve as the mechanism for facilitating collaborative research across partner insitutions. Master agreements are renewed every five years, and the GLNF CESU was renewed in 2017. Each time a new partner joins the CESU, through our application process, the master agreement is amended. The host university maintains a full archive of all master agreements and amendments on this website.   

This web site is dedicated to enhancing communication with and among our partners.

CESU map.